The 5 Secret Steps to Becoming a Superhero (As told by a 7 year old)

David Mink, DTM
Marianne Bjelke's presentation of "5 Secret Steps to Becoming a Superhero" is powerfully delivered. Her correlation of her seven year old son's steps to becoming a Superhero to grown-up steps for success is unique and memorable. Her emotional ending is gripping. I highly recommend Ms. Bjelke as a speaker for your next conference.
Marianne Bjelke

Sometimes, to overcome an obstacle, to save someone’s day, or to fight evil villains trying to take over Metropolis, it takes a superhero.

And sometimes, that superhero is YOU.

You can learn a powerful life lesson from a 7 year old boy

In This Presentation You Will:

  • Learn 5 simple steps for success to meet personal and professional goals
  • Make a plan of action to meet your goals while living your most authentic self
  • Find your superpower and bring out the Superhero inside of YOU
  • Have fun!

Event Planner Materials:

“Being a Superhero isn’t easy, but YOU are up to the challenge!”

Marianne Bjelke