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Capturing Your On-Fire Buyer

Also Offered as a Virtual Program

People do business with people they like. It’s crucial to know your customer’s perspectives so you can meet them where they are and share your value and message in their terms.Your “On-Fire Buyer” is the person who passionately wants and needs the solutions you offer – your ideal customer. They fit into a specific demographic (age, gender, marital status). They have very specific priorities, goals, and pain points. Their motivations and their values feed specific lifestyle preferences and behavior patterns.

After this presentation, you will…

  • Understand where to focus your marketing efforts
  • Tailor your products and services to address specific pain points
  • Attract more ideal customers to engage with your business
  • Increase conversion momentum for revenue and growth

And most importantly, you will have fun doing it!

5 Secrets to Becoming a Business Superhero

Also Offered as a Virtual Program

Being a superhero isn’t easy, but YOU are up to the challenge!

Be a kid again.  Find and embrace your inner superhero and you will be ready when YOU are called to do “the work.”

In the session, you will…

  • Learn 5 simple steps for success to meet personal and professional goals
  • Make a plan of action to meet your goals
  • Find your superpower
  • Expand your network naturally
  • Bring out the Superhero inside of YOU

And most importantly, you will have fun doing it!

Communication Skills for Generational Influence

Also Offered as a Virtual Program

YOU were born to communicate.

Did you know that WHEN you were born can impact HOW you communicate, and in ways you might never have imagined?

Whether your target audience is one, one hundred, or more – are you framing your message so that it is best received by the listener?

In this presentation, you will…

  • Learn what defines and influences the 7 living generations, 5 of which are currently in the workforce
  • Understand how to incorporate different communication modes, styles, and cues specific to your target audience
  • Identify your dominant communication style, and how to make it work better for YOU

And most importantly you will have fun doing it!

Strategic Solutions for Setting & Achieving Your Business Goals

Also Offered as a Virtual Program

In this motivational presentation you will discover how to become the superhero of your own success. Learn the five simple steps to achieve success in both your personal and professional life. And develop a plan of action to reach your goals every time, while becoming your true authentic-self in the process.

At this presentation, you will learn how to…

  • Take on the challenge of becoming a success superhero
  • Leap over obstacles in a single bound
  • Aim high and track your performance to achieve goals
  • Take consistent action for personal and professional growth
Marianne Bjelke - Female Business Speaker
Marianne Bjelke ~ Business Strategy Speaker
Marianne Bjelke ~ Business Strategy Speaker
Marianne Bjelke ~ Business Strategy Speaker
Marianne Bjelke ~ Business Strategy Speaker