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Have you ever wondered what makes some people more likable than others? You might wonder why you’re not viewed as likable as you think you are. There are many qualities that determine how likable someone is.

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No one is charming enough to be viewed positively by everyone, but some manage to come close. People differ in what they find attractive in others.

Try these strategies to be more likable and make more friends:

1. Smile.

Few things are more inviting than a smile. When you smile, you put others at ease and instantly make yourself more approachable. Smiling is attractive. You’ll be more likable even if all you do is put on your best smile each day.

2. Give honest compliments.

Make it a point to give 2-3 compliments each day. You don’t want to overdo it and you want to give compliments that are sincere. You could compliment someone’s shoes or their sense of humor. You can easily find something you admire about someone each day.

3. Be considerate.

Treating people like they are irrelevant to you is a sure way to be viewed as unlikable. Be on time and treat others with respect and consideration. People know when they’re being slighted.

4. Be relaxed.

Others tend to feel the same way you do when they are in your presence. If you’re stressed or grumpy, people won’t feel very good when you’re around. A happy and relaxed person is likable. It’s an enjoyable way to live, too.

5. Ask questions.

People love it if you find them interesting. One easy way to do this is to ask questions. Ask them about their weekend, hobbies, or their opinion on something. It’s also an easy way to have a conversation with someone. Ask a few good questions and pay attention to the answers.

6. Avoid gossiping or judging others.

People might hang on your every word while you’re gossiping, but they won’t trust you or like you. They know you’re going to say unkind things about them someday, too. Be open-minded and you’ll be viewed as more likable.

7. Use the other person’s name.

People respond in a positive manner when hearing their name. It helps if you’re good at remembering names!

8. Share, but not too much.

It puts people at ease when you’re open and genuine. However, there’s a time and place for everything. You don’t want to burden a casual acquaintance with your financial or marital woes. Share, but avoid oversharing.

9. Have passions.

You want to avoid being seen as blah. Have a couple of passions that you’re willing to discuss with others. You might love playing the violin and working to save the white rhinos. When you’re excited about your life, you’re exciting to be around!

10. Put your phone away.

Give others your attention. There is nothing that screams, “You don’t matter to me,” more than giving more attention to your phone than you do to the person in front of you.

The things you can do to be viewed as more likable are easy to implement. Just pick one item from this list and make a real effort to put it into action for the next week. Choose another item the following week and add it to your skillset. Avoid attempting to make too many changes at once.

Before you know it, you’ll be the most likable person you know!

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